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Welcome to KARL-OVE!

This website is created by typing mostly in HTML. The document follows the HTML v4.01 standard and uses the character set ISO 8859-1.

Karl-Ove with the lorry Karl-Ove in the excavator

Karl-Ove with the bus Karl-Ove the busdriver

21 stk monokrystalline 250w solpaneler samt 32 stk polykrystalline 250w solpaneler Karl-Ove have solved all the cubes

Some of my favourite links:
Link Comments
Weather forecast for Dals-Ed A powerful forecast website for all over the world
Västtrafik Provider of public transport in Västra Götaland, Sweden
Piko-Solar-Portal Graphic representation of performance data from the suncells at roof
Free service - charging stations for electric cars Free service of charging stations for electric cars
Small ABB solar power plant Link to my small ABB solarcell powerplant
Google searchengine Get the latest news, updates, and happenings at Google
Ed ( ) Outside temperature at our house in Sweden
Falun ( ) Outside temperature in Falun
Uddevalla/Dalaberg ( ) Outside temperature in Uddevalla/Dalaberg
Stockholm/Vällingby ( ) Outside temperature at our house in Stockholm/Vällingby
Vänersborg/Nordkroken ( ) Outside temperature in Vänersborg/Nordkroken

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